November 13, 2017

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Shift spinoff projects

  • Velopalooza is a summer bike fun festival in Vancouver, BC, Canada - similar to pedapalooza. Check out their website here!

  • Portland Urban Bike runs an weekly ride that has happened for more than 3 years straight! They have a facebook page.

  • Puddlecycle is a group that focuses on winter bike fun events in Portland. Their website talks more about their mission and how to participate.

  • Portland Autonomous Zone is a local DIY/tinkering community with a focus on bikes and is a frequent booster of and participant in shift events.

  • Dropout Bike Club is a local freak bike club that leads monthly rides.

  • BikePortland.org is an independent daily news source that covers the Portland bike scene. Their focus is wider than bike fun but includes it.

Here’s a longer list of local bike groups posted a couple years ago on bikeportland.org

Nonprofits and Government groups