Get Involved

November 13, 2017

  • Come to an event! Visit our calendar.

  • Join the SHIFT listserve! Raise your awareness of what is happening in the bike community. Sign up for the Shift email list. It’s like a bulletin board of bike talk! Once subscribed, you have the option of receiving the list via email or not.

  • Volunteer! Shift events need your energy. Easy, short stints available at many fun events. Including…

    Breakfast on the Bridges is the last friday of every month. Present breakfast to bike commuters in an interesting way - on a bridge! Contact the ever chortling Bard of the Bridges, Timo.

  • Help us plan an event! Come to a SHIFT meeting: First and Third Wednesday of the month (no meetings in June, however). Meet around 7pm at the Acme, 1305 SE 8th, Portland, OR.

  • Let us help you to make your bike event idea a reality! Submit your bike event to the Calendar crew.

Shift welcomes all respectful participants! There are a lot of ways to get involved: